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Boris Grebenshikov's Articles

Some Materials on the Theory of Universal Phenomena
(George A. Gunitsky, Boris B. Grebenshchikov, 1970-75)

Modern Publications

Aquarium in Germany
(Andrei Sablefeld, 2000)
(John F. Baylin, 2000)
Back in the USSR
(Julia Barton, 1998)
The Aquarium
(Wired Magazine, 1998)
Original Akvarium Resurfaces ... Again
(Sergey Chernov, 1997)

"Radio Silence" hype

Born in the USSR: Boris Grebenshikov's Russian Rock
(Evelyn McDonnell, 1989)
Soviet underground superstar Boris Grebenshikov makes U.S. debut
(David Kissinger, 1989)
Grebenshikov Lost in the Din
(Steve Morse, 1989)
Rock Stays Reverent
(Andy Goldberg, 1989)
Soviet Rocker More Richard Marx Than Karl Marx
(Steve Hochman, 1989)
Soviet Performer Shoots From the Hip
(Dennis Hunt, 1989)
Review: Boris Grebenshikov/"Radio Silence"
(Steve Hochman, 1989)
From Russian With Rock Charisma
(Barbara Jaeger, 1989)
Pop Music's Ultimate Crossover Artist
(Edna Gundersen, 1989)
Boris Grebenshikov and Aquarium
(Kathi Whalen, 1989)
Glasnost Produces Rock-n-Roll Emissary; Boris Grebenshikov on an American Tour
(Barbara Jaeger, 1989)
Soviet rock star begins tour for American label
Kevin G. Hall, 1989)
Rage of the Soviets takes the stage at Bayou
(Laura Outerbridge, 1989)
A Soviet Rock Singer Far From His Roots
(Jon Pareles, 1989)
"Russia’s Dylan": Blowin’ In the Glasnost Wind
(John Milward, 1989)

Other articles